Oberon Eclipse - What you need to know about this seasonal brew

Oberon Eclipse - What you need to know about this seasonal brew

Who says you have to dive deeper into a world of darkness as the days grow colder? We’d like to invite you to step into the next level of the Oberon multiverse as we introduce: Oberon Eclipse.

In a landscape of dark beers, Oberon Eclipse offers a golden ray of sunshine with a hint of spice.

How is Eclipse any different than Oberon?

A common misconception is that the fruity characteristics of Oberon are from actual fruit additions during the brew, when in fact these aromas naturally occur thanks to our house ale yeast! Oberon Eclipse features an inclusion of coriander and orange peel, adding a bit of depth to the classic Oberon flavors we know and love.

With that in mind, you’ll find Oberon Eclipse is slightly stronger and darker than its namesake, Oberon Ale. However, it still remains easy-drinking and refreshing, albeit with a slight bitter, clean finish that is medium-bodied and slightly warming, perfect for those long winter months!

Ready to try it? Read on for the release details!


When and where:

Market availability: 
  • In some areas you may see it as soon as September 13th, in others October 1st!
  • Will this beer be distributed to every state/region Bell's distributes?  Yes - all regions with our beer will see this release in some capacity!
  • What pack sizes will be shipped? 6-packs and 12-packs of both bottles and cans, 19.2 oz cans, 4pk 16 oz cans…take your pick! 
  • How long will this be available? Eclipse is here for the Winter and will complete its turn in time for Oberon season, traditionally beginning in March.
Bell's General Store and Eccentric Cafe:
  • The General Store is stocked up and has it on tap starting this September 13th! Check out @BellsEccentricCafe for more info and call ahead before making a trip.

What is it exactly?

  • Style: Citrus Wheat Ale
  • ABV: 6.3%
  • Shelf Life: 6 months
  • Description: Oberon Eclipse pours a medium, hazy amber with an aroma of light citrus notes driven by orange peel and coriander. Its strong wheat backbone is complimented by mild caramel malt flavors and flaked oats, delivering a balanced sweetness while lending a smooth, silky mouthfeel and creaminess.
  • Click here for beer details page

How to find it:

Our beer finder will help direct you to locations that have received Oberon Eclipse. Please see the list below for key information about how this tool works. 

Important info regarding our beer finder! 

  • After you enter your zip code or address, a list of locations that have received our beer and a map will load. That list will also include each location’s contact information as well as a list of other beers that may be available.
  • It's populated after our distributor partners make deliveries of our beer to various retail locations. Therefore, our beer finder is NOT showing real-time inventory on the shelves.  As a result, we always suggest calling the store ahead of time to make sure they still have it in stock. 
  • It may also take some time to update due to travel time between distributors' warehouses and its final destination.

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