Oberon Sunshine Shandies ingredients and nutrition

Oberon Sunshine Shandy: What's Inside?

What is the ABV?
Sunshine Shandies come in at an easy-drinking 4.2% ABV.
Is there added sugar?
There is no added sugar in the Shandies.
Are they gluten-free?
Negative. Like their namesake, the Oberon Sunshine Shandies are brewed using wheat.
Is real fruit used?
The Shandies are made with a blend of real fruit and natural fruit flavors:
  1. Lemonade Shandy: Fresh lemonade and natural flavors.
  2. Tropical Shandy: Passion fruit juice and natural flavors.
  3. Cherry Limeade Shandy: Cherry juice and natural flavors.
How many calories/carbs are in a serving? 
      Check out the Nutrition Panels below for our Sunshine Shandies:

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