Oberon Tastes Different, New Recipe?

Oberon tastes different. Did you change the recipe?

We get this question and concern quite often and we totally understand.

However, we have not changed the recipe of Oberon nor do we have plans to do so.

Why does it not taste the same to me? 
  • The most likely reason is the yeast has settled in the bottom of your bottle, can, or keg and needs to be redistributed back into the finished beer. This sometimes results in a very bright Oberon when it should be cloudy/hazy. 
  • The yeast and malt protein are exactly where Oberon gets its signature cloudiness and a lot of the flavor you expect with Oberon. The following video will help you get the flavor you were expecting.

Palate development

  • Anything you were eating or drinking either before or during can also influence your taste.
  • If you have or have not been drinking other craft beers recently, that too can also influence your taste buds as your palate can become sensitive to hops - almost all craft beers use more hops than your typical domestic light lager/pilsner.
  • It’s kind of like hot sauce, the more you use it, the less intense it can become. 
  • It's also possible your palate has changed  – especially with so many other craft beer and other beverage options out there.

Sensory Memory

  • Sensory memory is often another factor as well. With Oberon, what you were doing the last time you enjoyed that beer will influence your taste. Drinking Oberon is very commonly associated with specific experiences. 
  • For a lot of people, enjoying Oberon is as much about the experience as it is about the beer (sun, warm temperatures, backyard BBQs, etc.).
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